Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas to My Twitter Friends

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I had no idea what Twitter would do for me as an aspiring writer. Soon, though, I found out how welcoming the writing community can be. It was last June or July, (can't remember which) that I began tweeting about my aspirations as a writer. I have met so many wonderful people who share the love of writing and reading and feel that a whole new world has opened up to me.

Something I have always wanted to do and believed that I could do has become a reality. I am now a writer. I have very much work to do in perfecting this craft of writing. I am no where near the writer I would like to be, but I can see the possibilities now, because of my dear Twitter friends. I have never met a more supportive group in my lifetime.

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These past six months, you have all touched my life in some way, directly or indirectly. Whether by an article or writing tip or life tip, or just inspirational words that you managed to put in 140 characters. One of you, (you know who you are) even gave me the opportunity to have one of my story's published on his site, www.jimwisneski.com, in a 12 Days of Christmas project on his Writers n' Writers site. And, then, there were those of you, who just made me smile. If I have forgotten to mention anyone, please know that this is my failing, not yours. If we have touched hearts, even for a second, you mean the world to me.

I want to acknowledge each and every one of you and say thank you to all.
Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!
And because of who I am, (and though it may not be politically correct) I must say
Merry Christmas!

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  1. Thanks Cynthia,
    I feel the same way! And, I have really enjoyed connecting with you on Twitter! Now, let's get that coffee time set in Madison!

  2. And a very Merry Christmas to you, Cynthia! You expressed perfectly what the Twitter writing community is all about!

  3. Cynthia, and Merry Christmas to you as well. I feel the same way about Twitter -I've met some amazing folks on it (and some not so amazing - but they are few and far between).

    All the best to you this Christmas, and if you're ever interested in submitting some work - I'd love to hear from you...
    Michelle Halket
    ireadiwrite Publishing

  4. A beautiful sentiment that is genuinely heartfelt. Thank you for the lovely gift of including me in your list! Keep following your loves and passions, keep smiling... and merry, merry Christmas to you!

  5. Anne, thank you for your kind comments and I would love to meet in Madison for coffee. We really must do that. I'll work on it. I can tell by your tweets that you have a warm heart with a humorous attitude. You are a fun gal!

    Tony, thank you for making me feel so welcome in the writer's community. I enjoy your tweets so much. Sometimes, I have to stop and think about whether you are serious or joking. But either way, I end up agreeing with you or ROFL. :-)

    Michelle, you are so right. Must be careful and really need to pick and choose who to be friends with. Sadly, there are some people who can't be trusted. I've always felt that I was a pretty good judge of character. Thank you so much for the offer to read my work. One of my goals for 2010, is to start submitting. And, now, I'm am even more motivated.
    Thank you so much!

    Cherie', thank you so much for the lovely comment. I feel that I have a treasure trove of new friends and you are soooo one of them.:-) I will follow your advice every day :-)

  6. Well, here's another twitter contact. @AnnaWalls. Look forward to seeing you there.

  7. Thank you for following my blog, Anna. I look forward to seeing you, too.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. I am late to the party, so I'll say Happy New Year!

  9. Glad to be considered your friend.

    Thank you___michael