Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sister, Where Are You?

She cared for her
                        With a mother’s heart
                                                      Though they were only
                                                                                       A decade apart
They hugged as they slept
                       On one small cot
                                                Sharing a pillow and a tear
                                                                              Cringing at the noise
Covering their ears
                          Pretending to sleep
                                                     The words were loud
                                                                                      And cut so deep
An abusive time
                      With each others love
                                                        They grew close
                                                                                   Then life changed
New lives began
                      Their paths were severed
                                               Moving toward a better day
                                                                            Lives changed forever
She laid her head upon
                       The soft mound of fluff
                                                        That is solely hers
                                                                      And her heart beats alone.

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  1. How sweet but sad all at the same time. Beautiful.

  2. I agree with Kim.

  3. Beautifully written, beautifully laid out. Thanks for the poetic respite in a hectic day. :-)

  4. Did you write this one Cindy? It is just beautiful...a lovely picture of sisters helping each other grow up. Well done!


  5. Cynthia - this is just lovely...I have the same question as Chris - did you write it? You should enter it in a poetry contest!


  6. I love all of you Ladies!:-)
    You humble me with your kind and thoughtful comments. They are appreciated.

    Thank you, my Kimmie. You make me smile :-)

    Lori and Suzette, thank you so much for your kind thoughts. :-) You are awesome gals.

    Jamie, I am happy to refresh your day. Thank you, friend.

    To Chris and Swati, the answer is yes. I did write this poem. My sister and I, (she lives out of state) rarely communicate anymore and I miss her so much. And one day, while I thought of her, these words came to me.

    Thank you all for following and leaving comments.

  7. How absolutely beautiful!

    I am impressed with your writing: I don't think you are "practicing" writing here but actually succeeding quite nicely!

    And the site itself is beautiful!!