Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Evening with Ray Bradbury

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"Don't ruin your life with thinking, think your life with feeling...loving...passion" ~ Ray Bradbury

An award winning author, who's simplistic view of writing has brought him success. He once said, "You must decide what is more important to or writing? If you are writing to make money, do something else." His words, not mine.:-)

Ray Bradbury has written and published over 500 stories, over 30 books, of which two of my favorites are Dandelion Wine and it's sequel, Farewell Summer, which was actually written prior to the first book. He also made time to throw in a few screenplays. He never locked himself into a specific genre. His writing was all over the market. He didn't believe in positioning himself in the race to be published. He believed in reaching deep inside himself and creating a masterpiece.

Born in Waukegan, Illinois, (about twenty five miles from where I live now, sigh) and unable to go to college or acquire any formal education in writing, he spent four days a week or so in the public library, while growing up. He will tell you, that after ten years, he graduated from the public library. His unique sense of humor is priceless.

Read an excerpt of his latest work of art, Now and Forever

And then pour yourself a glass of wine or whatever your pleasure and spend an evening with Ray Bradbury.

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  1. Ray Bradbury is my all time favourite writing hero. I look up to him, I admire his writing but more than anything I adore his attitude towards it. His short story "A Sound of Thunder" is one of the best I have ever read. Makes me so happy to see things about him - thank you for this!

  2. Thanks for commenting Em!
    I love when he talks about his childhood and where he got his ideas for all of his writings and so on. And you're right about his attitude. I love this man!