Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Find Susan Powell

It has been over a month now that Susan Powell, a 28 year old mother of two sweet boys, ages 5 and 3, has been missing. Her children don't know where their mommy is and that is not OK. I am fearful that the outcome, after all of this time, will not be a good one for those children or the rest of the family. Still, we must stay positive, easier said than done, for those who love her and miss her and want her back home with them.

Every time I see a post or a news article about Susan Powell, I wonder what I would do if it were one of my daughters who went missing. As much as it hurts to think about and the agony I imagine feeling, it is nothing compared to what Susan's family, friends and loved ones are going through, because my daughters are still with me.

Please keep Susan Powell and her family in your prayers, for more information about Susan Powell.
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  1. Thank you SO much for writing about Susan!! We really, really appreciate it. You might want to note that she's not the mother of twins, though...there is a picture of her holding twins but they're not hers. Her children are 5 and 3, both sweet little boys.

    I can't thank you enough for helping spread her story!

  2. I feel as you do about Susan!. I am a mother of two daughters and I don't know what I do is they went missing.

    Not knowing has got to be one of most difficult places to be. I am already saying prayers for Susan and for her family. My prayers are for her return. No one should be lost in this world, but too many are:~(

  3. Thank you for commenting on this post. it is a very important post. i so much want to see Susan back with her family where she belongs.

    Kiirsi, You are certainly welcome and I am sorry for the error. I will post a correction.

    Sara, I agree. No one should be lost, but so many are. It breaks my heart.

  4. Not knowing is the worst. I haven't heard any new headlines so I'm assuming she is still missing. I never had children but I've been lost before and know the panicky feeling in the pit of my stomach. I hope there is a positive outcome to this.

  5. Thank you for commenting Davina. It's a sad situation to be lost, whether physically or emotionally. I'm sorry you had to endure those feelings, but you came through them and I'm glad you are here.

  6. I am visiting from CH but I am also a follower. this story makes me so sad. No kiddo should be without their mommy. My prayers are with the family and I hope for her safe return.


  7. Thank you for sharing this Cynthia because it shows the size of your gracious heart. I too am praying for her protection and the safety of her boys, along w/the rest of her loved ones.

  8. Thank you for commenting, Pamela. It's so nice to know that you feel the same in a situation like this.
    I'm sure Susan's family will appreciate our prayers in their time of heartbreak.

    Warm Wishes to you!

  9. Not knowing - caught between hope and mourning - that has got to be devastating for Susan's family and friends. As a mother and a daughter, when I hear stories like Susan's my first reaction is to say, "I can't imagine...", but then I remember a quote I read in a book that always haunts me:

    "God always punishes us for the things we can't imagine."

    Not sure why that's always stuck with me. Perhaps it's a reminder of how fragile our lives really are.

  10. Wow, I stumbled over here from Soft Whispers and was really surprised to find a blog dedicated to Susan Powell. I'm from the Salt Lake Valley and her posters are up everywhere still. It's so sad that they can't resolve this case so the family can move forward with their life. We pray for the best.