Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dance with the Enemy
by Linda Boulanger

One of my favorite authors, Linda Boulanger has done it again. Her words have a way of touching your heart and your soul. In her novel, Dance with the Enemy, the creation of her beautiful characters, storyline and plot filled all of your senses.

Elanya, who at the age of three, is promised to the eldest son of King Ronaine of Zanak. The promise was anchored by a blood transfusion from Tahruk, the oldest son of the king. Now, with his blood running through her veins, she will become his chosen when she becomes of age, whether she wants to...or not.

So as not to spoil this beautiful story and let you experience the excitement for yourself, I will not proceed in telling it.

However, I will leave you with an excerpt:

     An odd mixture of disappointment and relief warred within the young woman as her warrior led her to the family gathering. She was confused, conflicted. On one hand, she felt rescued by this imposed delay, the thought of their coupling still sending tendrils of fear through her.

    On the other hand, she yearned for him, to feel him close. There was no denying the charge between them when he took her in his arms or when his mouth covered hers. His lips and hands seared her flesh with a promise of greater fulfillment. Even now, just thinking about it, fire spread rapidly, engulfing her insides.

 Linda's way of portraying the emotion of the heart is unique. You must read her novel, Dance with the Enemy, for an experience that won't soon be forgotten!!!

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