Sunday, February 28, 2010

Passing the Torch (kind of)

A friend and all around wonderful person, Anne Tyler Lord is a talented writer, who entertains with her very creative and colorful imagination. Her #writerlbsoff program has provided a place for us to talk about our success each week, whether it be with our weight loss, exercise program or writing projects. Anne presented me with not one, but two awards :-) And I am honored.

In acceptance of these prestigious awards, I must post ten truths about myself that may not be known by many. So. without further ado:

1. My marriage ended amicably, at the age of twenty-eight, after being married for ten years.
2. My three wonderful children, two daughters and a son, have first names that begin with 'K'. (My special 'K's)
3. I did have a fourth child, a son who died during the delivery of boy/girl twins.
4. Now, I have two granddaughters and three grandsons, who are the light of my life.
5. I was twelve, when I knew I wanted to write, but life got in the way.:-)
6. I managed a health spa in the late 70's early 80's for about eight years.
7. I was a caregiver for both of my parents, who passed away from stroke complications, three years apart, within the past seven years.
8. I worked for a major pharmaceutical company, as a clinical research specialist. (Soon realized that corporate politics were not my cup of tea.)
9. I am friends with my ex-husband's wife. (you can exhale, now) :-)
10. I have learned to accept the good AND bad moments of life, because if you don't experience the bad, you can never appreciate the good.

Well, there you have it. And now, I want to bestow the Silver Lining Award and The Honest Scrap Award upon these very special folk.


Please accept these awards and I look forward to learning more about each one of you.


  1. Couldn't agree more when it comes to #10! Thanks so much for thinking me! :)

  2. Cynthia,

    What a wonderful collection of truths. I feel like I know you much better now. You have such a full life - and #10 shows you appreciate it.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Congrats on the awards! I know my Nanook much better now. :) #10 is beautiful, Cynthia. It takes an open heart to live it and you have that.

  4. You're welcome, Katie. With all that you do for the writing community, you deserve it. I have learned so much from your informative posts.

    Anne, thank you for sharing these awards with me. I loved reading about you, too. You are much more interesting than I. Ha Ha!

    Thank you Laura, for coming by to leave such a very kind comment. I appreciate it so much

  5. Oh #10 really resonates with me.
    *gives you an amen*

    "My special 'K's" made me smile.

    Thank you for sharing. You're obviously a strong soul with your priorities in order.

    Karen :0)

  6. You deserve these and more!