Monday, December 12, 2011

Let's Have a Memorable Holiday by Getting Back to the Basics!

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This is a repost, however it holds the same sentiment as it did when I first wrote it. As I read over the words, I realized that many things I'd hoped would get better for so many by now are the same or worse.

There is still hope....we just need to pray a little harder and louder. He is listening......

With the busiest season upon us, we all know what it's like to prepare for the Holidays. Running here, running there, with too much to do and too little time. We all want to make the Holiday perfect for our children, grandchildren and our entire family. This is so much easier said than done. Our hearts are in the right place, but our focus is lost somewhere, between what we want to do and what is actually possible to do, be it, physical or financial. Getting "back to basics" may save us from a feeling of being overwhelmed.

There is a financial burden on many families this year, who are unable to make it a merry and bright holiday for their children. At least, not in the way they think they must. What we need to remember is that "back to basics" is not a bad thing. It can be a delightful way of celebrating a very old-fashioned Holiday. And could be the coolest thing that your children have ever experienced. We have to remember that our little ones expect a lot of gifts to be there, under the tree, because that's what we taught them to expect. Maybe, now would be a great time to teach them that "other" lesson. You know, the one, where we have to work a little harder for what we want. The one, where we need to be happy with what we get under the tree, but more importantly, what we already have.

They can learn about the gifts of the heart, when they help a senior with their groceries. Or shovel a driveway for them and watch the smile of relief on their face. Or volunteer to babysit for a single mom, so she may have time to prepare for her family's Holiday. How about visiting an orphanage or working in the kitchen of a homeless shelter for a day. I think it's important that our children grow up knowing that it's a big, big world out there and it's not always pleasant. But we can help make it more so, by giving a little bit of ourselves to someone in need.

I want to wish everyone a Very Happy Holiday and a Very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Christmas is very commercialize. I kinda wish it was like Thanksgiving - people gathering for a meal and just giving thanks - in addition to that, giving praise to Jesus. The gifts and the commercialization really take away from the true meaning of Christmas. Granted, I'm no Scrooge, I buy gifts for my kid, but, I'm just sayin' if the gifts no longer existed for this holiday, it wouldn't be such a big holiday, which is kinda sad, in a way.
    I hope you have a blessed week.